Terms & Conditions


This agreement is between Mother Goose Children's Consignment (referred to hereafter as 
Mother Goose") and the consignor (referred to hereafter as "Consignor").

  • The Consignor agrees to allow Mother Goose to sell on their behalf any and all items submitted to Mother Goose. Mother Goose reserves the right to photograph, market, and sell the items. These items may/ will be sold on this website, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else Mother Goose deems appropriate. 
  • The sale price of the item(s) granted by the Consignor will be determined by Mother Goose. 

  • As of  August 11, 2019, Mother Goose will retain 50% of the sales price. The Consignor shall be paid their portion of the sale, 50% of the sales price, via PayPal within 3 business days of the sale. Consignors who have signed to consign before August 11, 2019, will continue to receive 60%. 

  • Mother Goose reserves the right to determine if consigned items meet the qualifications for sale. Items that do not meet the qualifications for consignment (brand, condition, etc.) will be returned to Consignor at Consignor's cost or donated to a charity of Mother Goose's choosing.  

  • The Consignor assumes all risks when consigning. Mother Goose is not responsible for loss due to damage, or theft of item. In the event that an item is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, or unaccounted for, while in Mother Goose's possession, the Consignor will be notified immediately.

  • Mother Goose will retain the possession and control of the consigned items for 180 days. After 180 days, unsold merchandise will be returned to the Consignor or donated to a charity of Mother Goose's choosing. 

  • The Consignor may choose to have an item returned to them before the 180 day term is completed. The Consignor is responsible for picking up the item or paying for shipping the item. 

  • This agreement may be terminated by either party upon notice in writing. In case of termination of this agreement by the Consignor before the 180 day consignment period, the Consignor is responsible for all fees related to returning of their items.

  • This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the state of Mississippi and any applicable federal law.  

  • The Consignor hereby submits to these Terms & Conditions upon submitting the "Consignor Application."


Thank you for shopping Mother Goose Children's Consignment. Your use of this website is in compliance with the terms and conditions outlined below. 

Mother Goose Children's Consignment does not guarantee that the information found on this website is current, complete, or without errors. The items found for sale on this website may also appear in other places such as Facebook and Instagram. Mother Goose Children's Consignment does not guarantee that all items are available. 

Although we try our best to display items and colors as accurately as possible, Mother Goose Children's Consignment does not guarantee that your screened device will accurately display the colors of the products. We do not accept returns of purchased items. We work hard to inspect our consigned items and will disclose any flaws (if present) in the clothing, but please reach out to us if there is an issue with something you received.


All items are sold as is. 

We currently only accept PayPal for purchase transactions. You will still be able to check out as a guest if you do not have a PayPal account. 

These terms and conditions are subject to change.